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Setting your brand apart is no small challenge. Distinguished Marketing Group is here to help you pull ahead using our experience and insight.

Your goal is to elevate your message above the competing noise. Ours is to bring your brand right to consumers who are engaged to get them excited about your products. We use an approach that delivers your message loud and clear, increasing sales performance and long-term brand loyalty. Our emphasis on innovation and measurable results are how you know you can depend on us to accelerate growth.

Distinguished Marketing Group


We use innovative live marketing methods to help brands grow. Our campaigns are fueled by a team of talented people who are trained to constantly push the envelope.

Personal Connections

Our promotional specialists connect with consumers by fostering rapport. We emphasize this personal element because it creates lasting, authentic growth for your product.

Continual Excellence

At Distinguished Marketing Group, everyone wins together. We focus on meeting and exceeding your goals and building your repeat customer base.

Working with Distinguished Marketing Group will put you in the fast lane to growth. We use our industry-proven methodology to ensure new customers will be engaged with your product’s story, leading to lasting brand loyalty.

The brands we promote succeed thanks to our promotional specialists.
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