PRESS RELEASE: Distinguished Marketing Group Is Making a Positive Impact

PRESS RELEASE: Distinguished Marketing Group Is Making a Positive Impact

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA – Distinguished Marketing Group’s Director of Operations detailed the firm’s recent giveback event, which supported a great cause. He also discussed how good habits lead to greater success in life.

“We’re proud to give back to those in need,” stated Perry, the Director of Operations at Distinguished Marketing Group. “Our team members take part in a wide variety of charitable efforts, building camaraderie as they make positive impacts in our community and beyond. Recently, our branding experts donated pillows to the Salvation Army’s Southern California Hospitality Houses, which provide emergency shelter for people from all walks of life.”

With locations in Santa Ana and Santa Barbara, the Salvation Army Hospitality Houses are open 24/7 to provide shelter for those in need, including veterans and those with disabilities. The shelters have laundry facilities, showers, television, and dining to provide guests with everything they need. Perry remarked, “These shelters need lots of support to serve the community, so we’re happy to do whatever we can. Donating nice pillows helps parents and their children have something nice of their own as they work through tough times.”

Along with emergency housing, the Southern California Hospitality Houses offer counseling services, employment assistance, transportation options, and weekly worship services. All kinds of people come to the facilities seeking help, including those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, victims of domestic violence, and veterans as well. Perry noted, “Our Distinguished Marketing Group charitable efforts cover a broad range of causes, but it’s really nice to know we’re contributing to one that provides immediate aid to those most in need.”

Distinguished Marketing Group’s Director on Giving Back and the Power of Good Habits

Routinely supporting worthy causes is one of the many good habits company leaders instill in members of Team Distinguished Marketing Group. “This is one of the main reasons we chose to support the Salvation Army Hospitality Houses,” Perry commented. “The individuals and families who stay at the shelter work and save money at the same time. They improve their habits as they get back on their feet, which really resonates with us. The most recent family to leave one of the shelters did so with 18,000 dollars after being homeless when they arrived. We’re proud to help hard-working families like this one any way we can.”

Forming good habits to achieve greater success in life is a key tenet of the Distinguished Marketing Group culture. “New team members are encouraged to evaluate their habits,” Perry stated. “We help them improve their outlooks and daily performance through a range of growth avenues. These include networking events, travel incentives, and team training sessions.”

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